Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lost and Found at the SPCA

As we packed our bundle of joy into the car, the lady at the SPCA said, "I think I forgot something."

Four years later I realize she was right - he left his voice behind! Buddy, the cat, has the most pitiful lack of "meow" I've ever heard. Sometimes the poor fellow meows and nothing comes out - his lower teeth show and his big golden eyes plead for understanding. I guess we're lucky in a way as my SIL had a cat which talked - nonstop! (And it was male, ha,ha,ha) Drove them crazy. We loved it's talking as it was very unique but I guess it would grate after a bit.

Anyway, do we get some kind of price adjustment?:)


Kim said...

Four years later? I don't think you gonna get a price adjustment. It's always nice to hear a pet talk- but enjoy the quite- this new puppy of mine loves to bark about nothing- and it drives me even more crazier.

Jean said...

New puppies are like babies!