Saturday, August 25, 2007

What a Difference a Week Makes - - -

So I'm sitting here in a fleece top cuddled up to my coffee mug and the cat! It's very cool in the mornings now. We wake up to 15 degree temps and 22 in the house.

Did the Costco trip yesterday about 6pm - very good time to go cause "who goes Costco shopping on a Friday night??" Oh, yeah, we're boring, we do:) Anyway, got a lot of stuff off my lists and I'm ready for anything, ha,ha. Butter for Christmas baking!

Very strange to listen to Christmas CD's playing in August and as a protest I wouldn't go look at them - now September is another story. Even my Man commented it was weird and just as he said that, we rounded a corner and ran into a 5' tall animated Halloween witch - scared me half to death. That made his day! (As I've said, doesn't take much to entertain us.) I was just regaining my compose when she let out her cackle.

We drowned our sorrows over 2 berry sundaes - best purchase of the evening - - -Have you had a Costco Sundae?? They beat DQ - hands down - I only get hot chocolate fudge sundaes at DQ. Picky about my treats, you know.


Trish said...

Sounds like a very entertaining evening! I can't stand Halloween, and yes, we had a witch like that in the store here which made my heart skip a beat and my kids thought it was hilarious -- for them maybe! Ooooo, that sundae looks good!

annie said...

Oh, sounds like us with Costco. We also love Barnes and Noble on a Saturday, and last week, we splurged and stopped off for a wheat grass shot at Jamba Juice. Know what those are? We ARE old! And, like you said, we thought we were living it up!

annie said...

PS I love DQ sundaes also, so I will have to try Costco's! Thanks for the suggestion.

Jean said...

No, I've never heard of a wheat grass shot - sounds like something from a health food store but it's probably decadent.