Thursday, September 6, 2007

All This talk - - -

All this talk about "things" being loose in the house reminded me of "long ago". Vacuuming the closet floor, I discovered a "lizard" - actually, now I have to phone him but it was a kind of lizard:)
Anyway, as usual, I freaked til I realized it was a dead, dehydrated lizard.

So I call Brian, who's about 14 at the time, to come dispose of it.

He was surprised with my find - said he had it in his room and it got away a month ago- what!!! I've been sleeping with a dehydrating lizard keeping me company?

Our house was kind of a mini zoo - the guys had all kinds of pets. No crickets inside, though. We used to leave the windows open to listen to them at night til development chased them on.


Beverly said...

This post sort of goes with my comment earlier. I most do a post about the tree frog in my bedroom in the middle of the night.

Jean said...

Yes, thought maybe we could get some stories going about "indoor pets", ha,ha.

Kim said...

Your so funny! I'd would of freaked out too. I'm not much for anything from the reptile family.

Trish said...

You are a far better woman than I will ever be -- No reptiles in this house! Once when we were on vacation in Florida a gecko was scurrying up the wall above the headboard above my head -- I freaked out and still check behind the headboard of all the beds in the room!

Jean said...

Aw,Trish, it's only cookie monsters behind head boards:)