Thursday, September 6, 2007

The List Lady

"Would someone please bring me a new dishwasher soap?"

"There is none."

"Acckk, check the pantry and the garage shelves. Got to have dishwasher soap."


This is after Christmas dinner one year. I vowed "never again" as we stood up to our elbows in the sink 'n suds. So, the lists evolved.

My master Christmas list is for every item I could possibly need making a Christmas feast and having company - right down to tea candles.

When I plan my meals, list each dish I'll make and the ingredients/utensils that will be needed. For example:

Turkey: oil, herbs, wide foil, rack, lifters

Each year I search my favorite magazines and files for a couple new dishes. That is why I start now. Big job:)

It's a great idea to list your table items also and have all the linens collected. As it draws nearer, I put them all on the same shelf in the linen closet - including candles and napkins.

I do the same for each room decorated. As Christmas comes closer and Sup**rSto*e has their sale on where you spend $250. and get $30. off, I go and buy all my ingredients at once. Usually I have $80. in points so it ends up being very good deal.

Of course, there is always last minute produce and dairy.

Used to decorate for Halloween but it's too much work so we'll just plan Christmas. I will wear my creepy goggles, though, when I hand out candy:)


Trish said...

Can we have a pic of you with the creepy goggles? Pleeeeeease?????
I need some lists -- but I would probably lose them before Christmas. I'd have to make a list reminding me of where I put my lists. You inspire me as always!

Jean said...

Sure - uh, but, I thought you hated Halloween:) I wear them and when the 13 yr olds come, I crack the blinds and peak out -they scream then get "cool" - "How did you do that?"

I could email my lists "just in time"

Kim said...

Wow your a very detailed lady, but I guess I can't blame you- its always nice to be prepared far in advance.