Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beware the Laundry Hamper

I twirled in agony, are you to hold it high or in cold water? Funny, when someone is present, you yell like crazy if you split a nail. Silence, but my mind was whirling wondering what would ease the pain best. Didn't even look at my finger fearing what I'd see. No pain killers in the house.

Anyway, if you have vent holes in your hamper, I'd suggest taping them over. Drove my hand in quickly to get some items and caught my nail on the edge of a hole. Sore, sore, sore.

Anyway, yesterday (2 days after the fact) I bought a splint because broke it also vertically. Well, they make these with a lining of bright blue foam. I got in the car after purchasing it and set it in place, wrapped the tape and surveyed the situation.

We both sat and laughed because it looked like I was "giving the finger" to every car I met. As I held the steering wheel, this blue digit poked up at the world like a nasty.

So, dropped that finger down and drove 20 km's home with thumb and pointer finger daintily holding the wheel - offensive finger hidden away.


Kim said...

That was thoughtful of you! sorry to hear about your nail- hope the pain goes away soon.

Trish said...

So sorry to hear about the finger! Ouch! It must be hard to type in that condition. Hope it heals up quickly!