Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday, Monday - - -

So, wonderful sleep last night. Up at 8:30am and after a coffee (or two:), started laundry, vacuumed and now ready to wash floors.

Brought back memories of my childhood in the early 50's. Mom would boot us out of bed at 6am so she could wash our white sheets first. How I hated Mondays back then.

Winters she'd hang her clothes out, frozen immediately. Then haul them in, long johns like crazy frozen forms - scary as a child! Slowly they would thaw and the arms fall neatly by their sides. We used to go up to them and bend the arms and legs - intrigued with the process of "breaking" them. Dad had several lines in the kitchen for her and she's load that cook stove up to get the clothes dry.

Mom was meticulous about her housekeeping. Her lines were neat. When she folded clothes, the towels, etc. were folded only a certain way. To this day, I try to fold mine differently and can't. Seems sacrilegious to her memory.

Well, off to my electric dryer and auto washer - I should be more appreciative!


Trish said...

Those are sweet memories! I remember our crunchy clothes on the line too! But they smelled so good!

Jean said...

Did they scare you as a child:)