Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October 2nd?! Everyone I know says the time flew by this year but is it because we are getting old?
This month is so busy with the floors and a few other updates. Still haven't my garden completely cleared and I have to collect leaves. They are late falling (no pun intended). I was thinking could use my mighty Chevy 1/4 ton to haul lots this year - the insurance is off Oct. 8.

The pots on the front entry still look acceptable so I'm leaving them - all too soon it will be bare. But we do decorate the entry for Christmas so that will happen in November. I like things up early and down early.

The sky is a charcoal blanket over head - looks very angry. Still hoping for a few crisp days of blue skies and sunshine.

Happy Tuesday - and yes, my garbage is out on the correct day:)

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Trish said...

Love your pics, as always!