Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Does anyone have hints or ideas regarding buying an area rug? All I know is that it should be large enough to "contain" the furniture.

Any other hints?

This house re-doing stuff is like buying a new dress - then you need matching shoes, hand bag, etc.!

Thanks in advance.


charlestonyaya said...

I don't know if you ebay or not, but they have incredible deals on area rugs!! I have purchased two for the price of shipping - no one else bid. Had them checked over and appraised - they were the real thing!! It is worth checking out - several friends have done the same. Good luck!! Kathy

Jean said...

Ooh, thanks - for some reason I had never thought of ebay for rugs.And thanks for reading, Kathy. Your blog is beautiful.

s&r said...

I was reading,that your table & chairs should all be on the rug when pushed under the table, and when you push your chair back from the table
it should still be on the rug, allow
another 24 to 30 in.

Jean said...

Thanks, Auntie Maime!

Trish said...

I think you should ask Buddy -- since he does have all four paws on it, and I'm sure he would contribute a valuable opinion. I don't know anything about rug-rules, can you tell?

Jean said...

He better look and not "paw"!