Thursday, November 8, 2007

After the laminate was laid, I feared to "use" it. Considered surgical booties and bib trays while we ate. Now, time has passed and I realize it's not made of salt - the occasional drops can be wiped up with no permanent damage.

We both sit here at night admiring the color and also how it feels to walk on.

Next week the rest of house will be done. I'm finding it a bit difficult to find 8 x 10 area rugs (that I like). Lots of 5 x 7's. Won't rush, just wait til I see one that's right.

Chef arrives on Nov. 11 so maybe that will be helpful for me. He can go have lunch with Dad and I will hang around while the guys work.

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Kim said...

I'm glad you like and have adjusted to your new floor. I bet its beautiful.