Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kelly, Our Shepherd Story #1

We got Kelly, a female shep, when she was about 8 weeks of age. A lovable dog, she couldn't resist visiting (old) Midnight, the cat. Now Midnight napped in the center of a queen size bed, in a patch of sunlight, undisturbed for several years - enter Kelly.

Kelly would put her chin on the bed and gaze lovingly at Midnight. "Tick, tick, tick!"
"Ow, yap, yap, yap." We could hear Midnight's claws smacking Kelly's nose and the reaction.

Being a pup, Kelly never ever gave up trying to make friends. I think eventually Kelly had more important things to do than get her nose clawed - like guard the house.


Kim said...

What a great dog story!! My dog thinks its supposed to sleep at our hip. My youngest daughter tells her to move. Duchess is head strong and like her human counter parts doesn't listen very well.

Did Midnight and Kelly eventually make friends?

Jean said...

Yes, but only because Midnight was 8lb and Kelly 95 - she knew to behave:)No more nose hits.What was so funny is that even as a pup, Kelly was so much larger but Midnight,the cat, ruled for a bit.