Saturday, January 26, 2008

Coordination, Ahem

It's a beautiful sunny day so thought I'd enjoy the rays - sorting towels in the main bathroom. Sad, eh:) Anyway, I decided to set towels in "stacks" which have full sets of coordinating fc, hand towels and baths.

In the guest room upstairs, I use a couple drawers in the chiffonier for the towels. Took a pillow sham (a bit ago) to the stores and bought sets from 2 colors in the navy print bedding - happens to be a green and soft terra cotta.

The downstairs guest has a navy/deep rose color with burgundy piping so bought towels to match - again in the dresser.

I love Mar*ha St*wart linens and stocked up when we used to go shopping in the States.

Our comforter set is a deep olive/sage/eggplant combo so towels are navy and sage.

Today all the misc. colors will go down to the bath and I'll decide from there.

***A hint I read was to look at tissue boxes with colors you like - use those colors to decorate your rooms. It works!

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shirl said...

I never thought of looking at a kleenex box for decorating ideas,
but it makes sense.