Wednesday, January 23, 2008

North Shore Mountains

So Mother Nature is casting her spell all over - this is a view of the north shore mountains from my brother's home.


Wanderin' Weeta said...

Hey, aren't those our mountains?

The North Shore in Vancouver?

A said...

I think 'wanderin' weeta (if I may call you that?) has been toting her weed along with her everywhere she wanders?! If you do not recognize those peaks as the North Shore Mountains of North Vancouver, you have never 'wandered' into this city!
'Brother' Neil

Wanderin' Weeta said...

Hi, "Brother" Neil,

Well, yes, that is the point. It is a tiny photo, and when I saw it,I was skimming through posts in a big rush, but I still recognized that skyline.

So you're a neighbour, I see.

A said...

Hello "w'w"...
Well, that went right over my head, apparently. Only one of many things in a day, I am sure! (:^) My apologies. Yes...we are neighbours, aren't we?! I'm sure you're delighted? Sounds like we both have a penchant for a good photo, anyway, and probably each have a few to our credit? The North Shore peaks not being one of them for me. That view, however, looking north down Ontario St, still captivates me enough to take time to stop and 'capture' it several times a year. As seasons pass, I am only more compelled to stop..and did so yet one more time just last week!
Cheers 'neighbour'!

smilnsigh said...

Lovely photo.

I keep coming back. On the Google Reader list, of your entries, I see one that says your computer is fixed. But I don't see it, when I come to your blog.

Perhaps this is an entry, you still have in Draft? ??? I don't know. But I'm so glad if you do have it back from the 'computer doc.'