Friday, March 28, 2008


Dear Mom,

Your love and spirit have never left us over 10 long/short years. Some days it seems like forever since we heard your laugh and on the other hand, seems like yesterday.

You would have been proud of Dad - he did well on his own but never ceased missing and loving you. Shortly after he moved here, he was thinking about you and tears fell down his cheeks. He grabbed a paper towel, cut his eye and had to go for an emergency visit when the pain got too bad. You would have laughed - you know how Dad was with Docs. The doctor was so very kind to Dad and asked how he cut his eye - Dad replied, "With this tissue" as he pulled the paper towel from his shirt pocket. The doctor smiled knowingly.

He talked about your life together a lot and always said you were the best mother and wife. I listened to him recount how you never ever let us cry or wake up in the night as babies - you were attending to us before we "called."

Oh, and Mom, you'd be so happy to hear Shirl had surgery on her knee and recovered quickly and with great courage. I always told her that I wished you guys could have known she finally was relieved of her pain.

Robin is still healthy and looks 10 years younger than he is. Does all his car and yard work - he helps me out, too. The four of us have traveled to the States a bit.

You'd drool if you could have seen Neil's and Dan's home - it's a 3 story beautiful home with full basement. They have worked hard to make it absolutely gorgeous. Neil planted things specifically in yours and Dad's memory and also in Miriam's memory. You should see their renovated kitchen - now, there's something you'd love.

Oh, you would have loved this story! Brian became a professional chef - he started his training after you took your final journey. He and I have talked often how you two would have been like two peas in a pod! I told him, "Grandma would have been on the phone to you all the time about the job" and he laughed his gentle laugh. He's doing well and works in a hoity, toity hotel - you and Dad would have loved staying there! (PS Not married yet but he's only 38!)

Now here's a story - Mark married Feb. 4th, 2007!!! Can you believe it?! He met "the One" in Vancouver several years ago. You'd love her, Mom! Guess what her name is? MiHwa! Pretty, eh? (And she is so beautiful, inside and out - she is so wonderful to us, especially caring to W.) I told MiHwa many times that you would have loved her!

I retired in February 2006, Mom. It was time. Oh, I forgot to tell you, in Dec. 03, W was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease. Actually, I was glad you didn't know - Dad said he'd offer his head to W as he didn't need it anymore! He found it difficult to watch. (BTW, Dad was in great shape mentally til his body gave out in May 05)

There is so much more to write but best close for now. Just know you are always remembered for all your wonderful attributes. We sit and fondly remember you every day! We thank you for the legacy you left for us - we still love you and always will.

From all of us - your family. S/R/N/D/ M&M/B/ and W&I Kisses and a big hug!

Forever loved and missed - - -


Granny Annie said...

I love your blog. You are a champion. Beautiful expression and tribute to your mom. Well said for all of us who miss our moms.

kenju said...

Wonderful, Jean!

Anonymous said...


smilnsigh said...

A very precious entry. Thank you for sharing with us...

Kim said...

What a great tribute to your mom!!! very moving!!

Raheel said...

We are complete strangers to one another, yet this tribute to your mother has moved me deeply. I could honestly feel the compassion flowing through it.

I'm grateful that I stumbled across your blog and had the blessing of reading such a wonderful entry.

JeanMac said...

Thank you, Everyone, and welcome Raheel.

Trish said...

What a beautiful post!

midbach said...

Very well said Mom... Love you both lots :)

JeanMac said...

Glad you and MiHwa stopped by, Mark. I told Shirl that Mom would have been so happy to "be on a blog page"!Too bad she couldn't have enjoyed a computer.xxoo