Sunday, March 30, 2008

Somebody Kick Me!

Twice in the past 10 days I have decided to start cooking about 7 or 8pm! The first time it was a roast!

Bought burger and knew I had to cook it last night. I planned to watch "Co*s at 8pm - I had to check blogs first - come on, what's more interesting, eh?

Anyway, at 7:30pm I tore myself away from the bloggy world and frantically ran to the kitchen. Wait, I was in the kitchen - I put my computer on the kitchen table hoping I'd feel guilty about "computering" instead of "meat balling" - ha, didn't work.

Anyway, long story short, I mixed up 2 pounds of burger into giant Rice - a Roni mb's in 15 minutes - but it's now 7:59pm and they have to cook and brown and then simmer in a sauce.

The Cop* had nothing on me - I was running just about like they were as I darted during commercials to check MB's, next time to mix up sauce, drain MB's - it went on and on. Plus, we were watching downstairs so that took time! Thank goodness for long commercial breaks which I usually complain about:)

The TV show was only an hour so I came up and finished off my "project" around 11pm - just peeked in the fridge and does the sauce look good - I will definitely make the gravy earlier in the day today!


smilnsigh said...

"The World Of Blog" can be a deep, dark hole, at times. ,-))))

JeanMac said...

How did we do without our new friends?