Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Heard of Curried Chicken - - -

Well, I just did a really dumb thing - a small spice rack was loose so, in my wisdom, I yanked on it. Crash, the glass jars flew all over the floor. Only one broke open - the curry powder. Why didn't I empty it first - good question.

Mmmhh! Smells good in here. In walks Buddy, the cat, smelled good to him, also. I was getting the dust pan and broom from the laundry room and come back to find him rolling in it! Camera was down stairs so couldn't let him roam and roll with curry powder dusting the house - did I mention he's long haired and black. Now he's kind of orange and black - looks good. Anyway, grabbed him with one arm, held the dustpan with my foot and swept with the other hand.

We just had curried chicken last night so the kitchen is aromatic to say the least:)

My curried cat is now locked in the bathroom awaiting a good combing and dusting off.

Quit your yowling, I'm not all that happy either:)

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