Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring Cleaning - Blah!

So, time for the annual ritual called spring cleaning. I get depressed just typing the words:)
Actually, to avoid the pain, I try to do what I call perpetual cleaning - a wee bit every day, all year round - if the spirit so moves me - and I have to say the spirit's been as lazy as I for the past days.

Having been working on some bigger projects, namely the yard, for a bit. Came in and saw the cat's paw prints on the sideboard - written in dust - which I find hard to believe in my house.

I've never caught him jumping on the furniture - he's smarter than that. Guess if I were smart, I'd tie a dusting cloth to him - may as well make him earn his keep.

Speaking of earning his keep, have you ever noted what it costs to have a cat - especially one who loves lots and lots of food? Let's just say, dusting would take a long, long while to pay back - but he''s worth every $ spent - according to him.

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