Saturday, May 24, 2008

The plants are done on the front entry. What a job.

Tonight is 1st game of Stanley Cup playoffs so I'll be glued to the set:)

I think Detroit will take it but should be interesting. Reminds me of years ago, my sister has a reputation of not understanding sports. We were watching a hockey game, and I told her to phone Dad and say "whatever" team scored a touchdown. He got a good laugh from it.

Happy Saturday - I think it's Saturday:)


Bev Brandon said...

that is so funny...did she call and say "whatever" just scored....hope your plants thrive

JeanMac said...

Hi, Bev. I "lost" your blog. Pls send add.

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs
Detroit is right across from us here in Windsor Ontaraio

Trish said...

I was wondering when you would finally get a post up here about the hockey playoffs! I never liked hockey until I met I have developed an admirable appreciation for it :-)

JeanMac said...

Ok, Jeanne and Trish - so who would you root for?!