Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some days I'm just so lucky. Was emptying the dish washer and found a tea bag - intact! - in a cup. Can you imagine the mess if it had split open?

Some days, I have not been as lucky. We had guests from NS years ago, Took 24 non-pictures with my 35mm camera - no film inserted. Back then, the cameras didn't indicate no film. Felt really badly as they had brought a cooler of lobster - we of course, didn't get the pictures of that delight.


Kim said...

I bet you couldn't do that again! and what a same about the camera even if it was years ago~ I remember my oldest putting my camera in the toliet after taking a whole role of film at her 1st christmas~ needless to say I didn't try to get it developed b/c it was soaked.

JeanMac said...

Too funny, Kim. Hope things are going well.

smilnsigh said...

In some ways, advanced technology is better. :-) Like now, we know if we will get a pic, or not. No more 'sneaky' no film inserted stuff.