Saturday, May 31, 2008

Found the name - - -

Last year I had a great plant on the front porch but never did find the name - this year I planted it again and the tags were in the little pot. It is: Silver Plectranthus - it grows about 24" long in a vine like manner so is great in large pots. The leaves are really unique, they are soft and fuzzy with depth to them. The picture I posted is from last year. I will take some this year but the plant doesn't show well enough yet.

On another note, I was surprised you are to store canna lilies bare rooted - I'll try that this year.


smilnsigh said...

Bet that makes a very, very pretty large planter presentation. Long and soft and silvery and all...


Jeanne said...

How lovely and wonderful is all that you share with us.
Thanks for your visits and kind words.
You too went to a one room school house for a while. My husband had the best times attending school there.
Love Jeanne