Saturday, May 10, 2008

Words Fail - - -

We honor your memory, Mom. After 10 long years, it's still tough to walk by the Mother's Day cards - we avoid and shield ourselves from the pain.
I don't think a week goes by that one of us doesn't reminisce about a dish you made - we try to make it but it just doesn't "taste like Mom's"

Dad used to say there was no better mother than you, we never ever cried in the night because you were there before we called. Wife, mother, housekeeper, nurse and trailblazer extraordinaire.

Thinking of you on Mother's Day and every other day - glad we sent flowers when you were here to enjoy them!

Thanks for all you did for all of us. Your legacy is eternal.

Love from all of us. xxx ooo


Trish said...

Happy Mother's Day Jean!
With Love, Trish

Ang baylis said...

Happy Mother's Day, Jean!!
You are loved by someone in Michigan today!
Angie xoxo

JeanMac said...

Happy Mother's Day to you both, also!