Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yard Sale Coming Up!

At least I hope it will be. S&R decided to host another yard sale so I asked if I could put a table up, too. I have many, many books which I should sort thru and a lot of stuff in the house and garage.

With the possibility we could move in the next year, I decided to sell what I can and donate the rest.

Anyone have any "winning" sale tips?

Update: Sorted my linen closet - all sheets (Queens) will be $3.00 - They are in perfect shape.
Ran 2 loads of stuff thru the DW - all glass items will be .50 and all items of clothes will be .50 each.
I have a lot of stuff and figure it's best to price it cheap and make some $ and clear the house:)


Bear Naked said...

You are so brave selling your books.
I know I should but it would feel to me as if I were selling my children.
I do love my books.
Good luck and remember the old saying "One mans' junk is another mans' treasure."

JeanMac said...

I won't sell any children - just old novels, some of which are duplicates.
I've emptied the equivalent of I linen closet shelf and 2 kitchen shelves. Yeah!

Kim said...

I wish you all the luck w/ your yard sale. and its always a good idea to price cheap, things tend to go much faster that way.

JeanMac said...

Thanks, Kim. I will price "cheap to go"