Thursday, June 26, 2008

Cat Manicure

Years ago, Wayne always cut Buddy's nails, then help with Robin and finally I was (honored) to do it.

Well, the cat saw me coming for a country mile - and he can count, too!

It's a ritual only a cat could demand and I cave because otherwise, it wouldn't get done. He set the rules - I follow.

(1) Get clippers and let cat smell them, rub on them and then have his chin rubbed with them
(2) Set cat on my lap, back to me, all the while telling him what a good boy he is (not)
(3) Clip one nail, "Good boy, Buddy, you're a good boy." To self, rotten cat:)
(4) After nail #5 on first paw, I get up and he follows me, at his pace, tail held high (I have her wrapped around my little finger, uh, paw). 5 snacks are plopped in his bowl.
(5) On to the second paw - and so it goes till all nails are done - he sits smiling in the corner thinking up another game to pull on me.


smilnsigh said...

However you get it done, 'tis wonderful. Good for you! Clipping nails is no fun thing.

Nice kittttttttttttttttttttty... ,-)

'Smilnsigh' blog

smilnsigh said...

And thank you for explaining why I "see something" which isn't "there." In my Google Reader, of your blog entries. ,-)

'Smilnsigh' blog

Jeanne said...

Love and hugs and smiles.
Love all that you share.
Love Jeanne

Putz said...

our cat was out all night, every night and came back in only to get his woulds clean, to the vet, and then back out into the night world, once he came back afrom the vet and had had the PROCEDURE without us he sleeps all night in the house, won't go out and then sleeps all day in the house and won't go out