Monday, June 30, 2008

It's a Cooker Out There - - -

32 degrees and I'm sweating in the snap pea patch -mercy! I was up early and should have been in the garden.

My first harvest of snap peas - the garden peas are nearly ready, also.

I checked up on freezing and calls to blanch for 1.5 minutes to freeze. Actually, I hate to turn a burner on but guess for a short bit, it will be Ok.

We'll probably eat some raw this afternoon and stir fry tonight.

Happy, hot Monday out there.


Bear Naked said...

We had a gloomy cool day here which was kind of nice.
Guess we will get the hot scorching weather by the end of the week.
Not looking forward to that again.

Kim said...

Talk about hot, I just spent a week in West Virginia and I'm talking hot like in the upper 90's come evening the coolness bought relief, happy to hear the peas are doing good, happy gardening!!

JeanMac said...

Hi Bear - we could use a bit of cool. Thunder and lightening happening now.
Kim, good to hear from you - holidaying?