Sunday, June 1, 2008

Extra, Extra, Read All About It

Well, this post isn't that exciting but had to get your attention somehow:)

I stripped our bed and have the mattress pad in the washer - I am going to buy a second one. It's so annoying waiting for this one to be washed and dried. Maybe this is being silly but I like to strip and make the bed - not wait for laundry.

We had rain, rain and more rain overnight and all day. Uh, it's June 1st, Mr. Weatherman, time for sunshine. Anyway, yesterday I checked the garden and the weeds looked wonderful! Shoulda, woulda couldna weeded yesterday but didn't.

The robins are a riot to watch in the "birdbath". I just have a 16" saucer for them to bathe in but they love it. The peas have grown tall enough that all you see is water flying all over the place. Then the robins sit on our deck railing to preen themselves, driving Buddy right nuts:)

Summer - - -

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