Monday, July 7, 2008

The pool bed is about 40' x 6'
This year I decided to add cabbages, dill, parsley and tomatoes to it.

The rose pictured is one Shirl bought me in remembrance of mom back in spring '98

It's so loaded with blooms this year and no aphids. Secret below:)

I have been spraying the cabbages, in fact my whole garden, with D*wn liquid soap and water. Seems to be working. One cabbage must have been missed and was eaten til it looked like lace. Poor thing.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip about spraying the cabbages with Dawn and water...I'll have to give it a try. I noticed today something is eating my cabbages but I couldn't find the culprits.

JeanMac said...

Hi Mandy! I should take a pic of the poor little cabbage I missed - it's just stripped. I only planted 10 for fun and to give to friends and family. Hopefully they won't be full of something:)

Putz said...

i CANNOT tell the differance between a vegtable or weed. i pulled out somme long tasseeled weed and found out it was corn, my farmer neighbor came over and sid what is that you are growing right there and i said tomatos and he said it was morning glory, but just like a doctor practices medicine, i am practicing to become a gardener

Nancy M. said...

thank you for your sweet comment.
I enjoy your daily blogs. Thank you for the garden help. Do you spray tomatoes too with this "Dawn" for all pests? Sound like a good idea!
Have a blessed day!

JeanMac said...

Nancy, I love your blog! Thanks for reading mine.

JeanMac said...

Nancy, tomatoes, too.