Monday, July 7, 2008

So, fertilized all the lawns and have created a make work project for myself. Mercy, that stuff does work, fast - the lawn is lush and green and did I mention long! Kind of grumbling to myself as I hauled the mower up to the front yard. As I slaved over the lawn, wondered if maybe I should let it grow a bit longer and cut it for hay - just kidding.

Actually, I experimented this year and used Weed 'N Fe*d on 2 lawns and straight fertilizer on the front lawn. The front lawn is doing best of the three. Course, do we want best when it just creates work? It's looking like I''ll have to mow every 3 days to keep it "neighborhood perfect".

That was the last time I'll use the Weed 'N Fe*d - it will be outlawed next season by the powers. Actually, after I *oogled it (after applying it!), it's understandable why one shouldn't use it.

But I am a bit good, I mulch my lawn, does that count:)

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