Sunday, August 17, 2008

Add that to the list - - -

Man, am I ever behind in my work. Pity is, I have the time to do the work but I'm in a funk of denial.

It seems when Life tosses me a curve ball, Life kind of stands still. There are lawns to mow, garden to weed, car to wash and vacuum, bed to change, blah, blah - - -

Yesterday I vacuumed the whole main floor - felt good, so why don't I just get at it. Felt hopeless enough Saturday that I was going to pull all my flower pots on the front step. Yikes!

Maybe I'll pay myself for doing the chores -

Cutting lawns - lunch out

Weed garden - new item of clothing (or 2) - it's a big garden

Clean the car - the Nike wear I've been coveting

Actually, just had an idea I'm sure will work. I'll buy my snazzy new Nike outfit, go for lunch at my favorite steak house. No silly, not for steak, for Caesar salad with grilled chicken breast. This will give me the nourishment and therefore the energy to shop for the new item (or 2).

I'll race back home, peering thru a windshield that is so smudgy I can barely see, leave the car in the drive with good intentions to wash it - as soon as I think of a reward for doing so. Bought the Nike stuff yesterday -


Jeanne said...

Big hugs to you my sweet friend..........

Love and smiles across the miles........
I am always here
Love Jeanne

Trish said...

Sounds like a great plan to me!