Monday, August 18, 2008

Word verification and bouncing quarters - - -

I love reading blogs and don't mind word verification. Some days it seems I'm all thumbs and it spits a new word at me til I get it right. Kind of laugh as picture a grumpy old man at Blogger doing this.

Anyway, kind of reminded me of a story my Mom used to tell - nursing school back in 1938.

Upon making their beds, mitered corners and all, if a nursing instructor felt it wasn't sharp and tight. she draw a quarter from her uni - that quarter better bounce or it was: strip the bed and make it tight!

To this day, I make my beds with corners as taught by Mom!


Wanderin' Weeta said...

Mom taught me to make beds that way, too. (Nursing, U of T, about 1940.)

I still do the mitred corners. But I don't bounce quarters any more.


Jeanne said...

How interesting.
Love and hugs

smilnsigh said...

Nope, never got taught to do beds perfectly. :-)

But I have to admit that the ding-dang Word Verification does bug me, a lot. Grrrrrrrrrr...

But I know that my way of keeping 'weird-o's' out of my Comments, isn't for everyone. And I do have to keep them out, somehow.

So I don't make anyone do Word Verification. But I have Comment Verification. I read the comments, before I OK them and Publish them.

What's the difference, in a way.... I want to read all my Comments anyway.

And so I read them, with Comment Verification and this way, no weirddddddd ones sneak in, either. :-)

Miss Mari-Nanci
When Twilight Embraces

momsi/Nonni said...

Me Too!! I like them that way. Hope things are going well for you. I have been out of touch lately. Our grandson is here for the week and school has begun.

Bear Naked said...

I know that if I say I haven't had any wierdos show up in my comments section that I will start getting the after this post.
Knock on wood that I don't.
I'll let you know if it happens.

Bear((( )))