Saturday, August 9, 2008

Busy, busy and crazy, crazy seem to be the words to describe this past week. Anyway, today is a new one and pasta salad is on the schedule.

We lost a dear friend on Tuesday - our usual custom is to take a large casserole, etc. to friends. Today I'll make a pasta salad to drop off later.

Had a vicious thunderstorm over night - then the rains came! I'm wondering how the garden faired as think I saw hail earlier in the evening.

Have missed all my blogger friends but last night I started reading again. Will use Saturday to get straightened around - then back to blogging.

Robin did well with his pacemaker and all is as it should be. Madame is working like crazy on her physio (knee replacement) - a busy pair!


Jeanne said...

I am sorry for your loss dear friend.
thanks for your visits and kind words
they mean so very much.
Love Jeanne

Granny Annie said...

Always glad to see you post again. Sorry about your friend's death. It seems we spend much of our time grieving loss these day.