Friday, August 1, 2008

So, a busy day yesterday. My sister's husband fainted/collapsed in Cost*o, nose first. Yes, he's hurting and yes, sutures. Shirl described him as looking like a boxer after a bout.

He is safely resting in our local, wonderful hospital, awaiting a pacemaker today.
Although assured by the staff that all is well, we are all worried.

As soon as she hears of the successful placement, I'll update.

Update: Shirl called hospital - he is safely back from surgery. Wayne and I are leaving to take Shirl to visit. Thanks, Everyone, for your thoughts and prayers. xx


Granny Annie said...

Scary, scary. I'm so hoping all will be well for your BIL. What's with the X-ray?

JeanMac said...

It's just a pic off the site (info on pacemakers).

smilnsigh said...

Hope it all works out fine. Many have pacemakers.. Good luck to him.

Miss Mari-Nanci

justabeachkat said...

So sorry to hear that he collapsed. Very scary! I just stopped and said a prayer...for him, your sister and you. Keep us posted.


JeanMac said...

Thank you, granny annie! Mari-Nanci, always a pleasure to have you drop by.Kat, thanks, just heard all is well! Thanks so much.

Bear Naked said...

So sorry to hear this.
Thankfully looks like your update is good news.
This getting older isn't much fun is it for amy of us.

Bear((( )))

Putz said...

when my blood sugar reaches 600, i take a nose dive, once up to 950