Saturday, August 2, 2008

Laughed Til I Cried - - -

When my bro was about 5 years of age, he had a rubber dart set. Dad lowered his newspaper, peered over it and told bro to never point it at anyone. Moments later, boing - right in the centre of Dad's forehead. When I saw this cartoon, I lost it laughing.

The dart had little round ends so didn't hurt Dad - don't remember the ensuing conversation.


Jeanne said...

Hope all is OK with your Sister's husband.
Thanks for your visits and kind words.
Love Jeanne

Love your cartoons.
Love you

JeanMac said...

Thanks,Jeanne. All is well. He may be discharged today.Love J

smilnsigh said...

I'm betting the ensuing conversation went something like; "Young man if you ever do something like that again, I'm gonna' tan your hide!!!" ,-)

Glad to hear he may be discharged.

Miss Mari-Nanci
{who is not on a _total_ blog vacation... >,-) }

JeanMac said...

Enjoy your vacation but got to say, everyone misses you (guilt):)

Granny Annie said...

With that story you shared, I can see why the cartoon cracked you up. Too great. LOL

Anonymous said...

Having been the guilty marksman, I'm certain it's far more hilarious to me now than on my fateful birthday, June 1955. I'm also certain my great desire to be an 'Indian' (thus my love affair with the bow and arrow), got me into far more trouble than I would ever have considered confessing to...nor did. I must admit thru' the years it gave us (the family) much entertainment each time the story was related...which seems to me was fairly often! It MUST have been one of Mom's favourites? Maybe yours too, apparently, sis!? However, if memory serves me, each time the event came up, Dad always looked more 'bemused' than 'amused'...but everyone else got a good giggle from it, including me! (grin)
Thanks for the memories, dear girl...your bro'.