Sunday, September 7, 2008

Does it hurt to - - -

It flashed thru my head in a millisecond - does it hurt to die, will I know, will it be instantaneous?

We traveled mountain roads year round - thru high Rocky mountain passes.

One return trip, we hit black ice, rock face on other side of the road and a glacier lake on mine.

We did a donut on the hairpin curve. I was in the passenger seat and as our car swung toward the rock face, I remember leaning as far over toward the steering wheel as I could - all the while looking at the rock - wondering, "Does it hurt to die?" We spoke no words. No time.

Still can't believe a semi or other vehicle didn't round the corner as we sat partly in the shallow ditch, partly on the road. They would not have been able to see us in time to stop.

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