Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'll Be Brief

So, I'm not very computer literate - our older son is a computer whiz and always tells me, "Mom, don't worry about clicking on things and checking them out, you won't wreck anything."

Oh, my dear man, I can wreck anything with the touch of my hand - even looking at it.

The other night I was bored with my desk top so clicked on something - don't remember what - voila, a new folder (?) - something called "new briefcase". Looks nice and I like the color but have to figure out what it does or what it's for - - -

Yes, he got his computer smarts from his Dad, not his Mom.

(Computer son gave me a cool laptop case from a now defunct IT company. I may just get a rusty old tin,computer case from defunct company and sit on the sidewalk downtown - heard you can do well begging in the business section:)

Oh, don't get your shirt in a knot - I'm just kidding (that I'm kidding).


Granny Annie said...

My kids usually get me in trouble when I take their advice:-)

Bear Naked said...

That is exactly what my son sais when he gave me my first computer.
"Don't Worry!"
I didn't worry I was too terrified to worry.

Bear((( )))

Trish said...

Very funny! My Chris knows everything there is to know about the computer, tv, vcr, dvd player,phones, cables, drives, blah,blah,blah...without him around, we would still be in the dark ages!