Friday, October 24, 2008

Break - fast

They held their cereal bowls, spoons at the ready, bananas partially peeled, ready to be devoured - tummies growling, faces scowling, lab slips ready.

I think the tech enjoyed asking each one when the last "anything" was had - various responses - one being 11pm - kind of chuckled to myself at that - no, wasn't me!

Have to confess I dashed home for my first cuppa asap - tastes good.


Bear Naked said...

I remember one lab visit when my stomach started growling so loudly that the tech laughed and said,
"Well I guess I don't have to ask you if you have fasted."

Bear((( )))

PEA said...

I hate having to fast...after the lab work is finally done I just about break the speed limit to get home to eat! lol xoxo

Nancy M. said...

You keep going day by day! Thank you for sharing your days. Thank you for visiting my blog!! Take care!