Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just a Bunch of Garbage:)

It's always interesting to have "garbage day" roll around - seems our neighbors all roll their containers out about the same time - then it's chat city!

Often, one hand dragging the container and other around a leash with their dog(s). We trade news and views, even the dogs chat, I hear them - no, really, I'm Ok. Buddy watches with envy from his window.

Today is sunny and warm - I sat out for a few minutes, enjoying the warmth. Soon will be gazing at white stuff in our driveway.


PEA said...

I guess it's the same the world over when it comes to garbage day! lol It's sunny here too and we've reached a high of 14c so I decided to go on a little hike, took lots of pictures:-)Now we're supposed to get rain for the next 4 days....ugh! If snow arrives early I'll scream! lol xox

Bear Naked said...

You had to mention that nasty term *white stuff,* didn't you.
Nice sunny and warm autumn weather is so much better.

Bear((( )))

Granny Annie said...

I guess I'm missing something. We drag our trash out to the incinerator. Only chickens and cats to talk to while my dog tries to claim some of the trash.