Friday, November 28, 2008

Still Laughin' After All These Years - Story #1

Had a best friend way back in the 70's - she was a real nut, said lovingly. Anyway, I used to take her along on my weekly shopping trip as she didn't drive.

We didn't lock our cars in the "good old days". B. had completed her shopping, loaded groceries in the car and sat her ample bottom down.

He wasn't all that polite (per B.)- "What are you doing in my car???!!!"

Never one to back down, B gave it right back to him - "This is Jean's car!!!"

He pulled out his registration to convince her. As she told me the story, I was rolling hysterically. Being the creature of habit that I am, I always parked in the same area. That particular day, the lot was full so chose another one.

That unfortunate guy had the same model, color Toyota I had - too bad for him.

Anyway, RIP, B. You were a real character and I hope you don't mind if I post the occasional story of our friendship!


Jeanne said...

Love your stories
I love you

Bear Naked said...

I think we all have stories about our nutty friends but I think I might possibly be the one all my friends are writing about.

Bear((( )))

Granny Annie said...

There is nothing better than a good tale of exceptional friendship.

Chatty Crone said...

That's the best part of life!

Elaine said...

I have just found you and your blogs. I'm Canadian, too, so am glad to read a fellow Canuck. I will keep coming back to check your Alzheimer blog. My dad suffered through that and we all suffered the sadness right along with him. Chin up and thanks for your honesty.