Monday, December 29, 2008

Blew the dust off my treadmill in preparation for the reality check. Isn't Christmas wonderful? I control myself so well for about 360 days and then it's like releasing a penned up animal - It's not my fault I have Nanaimo bars, brownies, crab mousse (courtesy of Sis), every possible snack in the store and 4 boxes of cinnamon rolls - Ok, only 2 now:)

It's snowing like crazy and I'm sipping coffee, tree lights on, my eyes on the cinnamon buns. There's something about "after Christmas" that I love - especially cause there's food all over - begging to be eaten.

Hope everyone I know had a great holiday - we sure did. One son and his wife were here for 6 days. I was spoiled so much. Coffee was ready in the morn, wood was hauled and fire started before I got up, driveway was always snow blowed! As I look back, that was the best Christmas gift for me.


Anonymous said...

I always like the week after Christmas too, it's a relaxing time and so nice to be able to sit and enjoy the tree and decorations.
It's nice that your son and wife could stay 6 days. Our youngest son is still here until the new year and we have sooo much snow that he is spending a lot of time with us instead of running around.

Kim said...

What a great gift~ to be spoiled in such manner. I'm glad you had a nice Christmas w/ your family. and I know waht your talking about w/ all that food. We've been eating left overs like crazy.~ well had been. The last of it was eaten last night for dinner.