Monday, December 15, 2008

Wake Up Call

It sounded like someone punched a solid pillow - we were surprised when her car rear ended us. Kind of funny when she informed me that she rarely hits cars, just curbs. Anyway, we pulled over and exchanged info. Couldn't see damage on either car so told her not to worry, we'd both report it and that's it.

Today, the insurance company (after washing my bumper!), found the imprint of her license plate holder and 2 holes from it. Will be repaired in January.

We talked a few days after the accident. She thanked me for not flipping out on her. I replied, "Your welcome, maybe bump into you someday."

"Don't say that," she laughed. All is well.


Corgidogmama~ said...

What a great story!

JeanMac said...

Thanks - and thanks for checking in!

Hearts At Home said...

Glad you're ok, but that is sort of funny...the end part :-)

JeanMac said...

Welcome, Hearts.