Saturday, April 11, 2009

Backup - Big Bang

So Computer Son set up a cool back up system for me last week.
Several years ago, I typed a lot of recipes in and the computer blew its stack, spewing my hard typed recipes into blogland - or somewhere.

He was able to recover quite a few and luckily I had kept the paper copies.

Long story short, I have binders of recipes, many recipe books and clippings. Decided for the sake of convenience, I'd scan all of them and then do the big "toss out".

Kind of funny (well, to me), last week he got it all set up, magic plug in place. I grab the laptop and the plug pulls out - mid program. It really was the plug's fault, not mine.

Felt like a kid calling his parent to fess up as to what I did. He raised one eye brow - which is very effective - - - Anyway, I have a yellow post it note on the main bath mirror to remind me to plug in the precious device so it can do it's magic at 1 a.m. Sunday.

Wish me luck, hope I don't mess up cause he's holidaying in the good ol' US of A with his Mrs. and probably wouldn't appreciate a call from his (computer illiterate) Mom.

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