Sunday, April 19, 2009

Of Birds and Men

I've been observing the mating "calls" and rituals of the birds in our yard.

Why, yes, Life is boring - - -

Anyway, I could merrily strangle the crazy, lovestruck flicker which has chosen out chimney flashing as his "text" centre! About 5am he starts and drives the cat and us to distraction.

(Course, Buddy doesn't mind too much for he starts "working" on me to get up and feed him.)

Then there's the robins - now they are something else. I guess they have already "found " their mate and spend hours flying in tandem, dizzy swirls toward the ground - then away they go again.

Last year, a pair had "eyes only for each other" and crashed into our neighbor's window. Well, they died happy, at least.

This year, Daddy robin is guarding his territory while Mommy works like mad hauling nesting materials. Buddy, the cat, is going nuts for now the male has seen Buddy and sits on the deck, mere inches from Buddy's nose - or he perches on the handle of the BBQ which is about 6' away.

I'm really glad God didn't mix up Man and bird when he made them. Can't you just see men walking down the street banging their heads on store faces? Oh, I guess he did mess up a bit. Women still do the work while Daddy watches - just kidding, just kidding:)


Trish said...

That's funny!

Kim said...

AH! The joy of birds driving our pets nuts as well as us! For us it was a rabbit last week making the darn dog go balastic at all hours of the night,now for the squirrels and it fancies her it will be the birds soon.