Saturday, August 29, 2009

Potential for Danger - - -

We were standing in line at Tim Horton's, a father and his 2 young daughters and a son ahead of us. The one daughter, about 10, kept bugging her father to go to their car.

Finally, after several whiny requests, he gave up in frustration and said, "Ok, ***, you may go to the car."

Now this is 8 pm and darkness is falling. He did not look back but I sure did. I stood there ready in a moment to run toward her if someone should bother her.

It's a sad commentary of our world but after reading yesterday how Jaycee was abducted outside her home, father right there seeing it all, I got chills.

We sat at a table and the family sat down elsewhere, totally out of view of the car. Maybe that's why my tummy is always upset, I worry ~ ~ ~


Mevely317 said...

Human nature -- we think bad stuff is something that happens to "the other guy." I don't suppose this man considers himself a bad father, yet his thoughtlessness .... what if?
On behalf of parents and grandparents everywhere, thank you for being that child's guardian angel!

Beverly said...

I know what you mean...last week we had a seven year old boy go to the bathroom in a restuarant and a man followed him in there and tried to snatch him out the back door. He screamed and the man let him go. The man then returned to the bar, the boy told his parents and customers held the man til police scary!!!!

patty said...

we have so much more to worry about with children than when we were young. I'm staying with my teenage grandchildren while their parents are out of the country and I'm a nervous wreck that something will happen to them if i'm a minute late picking them up from after school activities. i know how you feel. i'm always watching little ones that seem to have no one watching over them when out in public