Sunday, August 30, 2009

Spring Cleaning - for 2003 or some year - - -

Sadly, I do not do spring or fall cleaning - it's just perpetual motion all year long.

Anyway, yesterday I "did" the back entry which connects garage to kitchen and laundry room.

By the time I finished washing everything, it consumed my morning. By the way, the garage side of the metal fire door was the dirtiest of all areas - and you couldn't see that. When I looked at my cloth it was black, similar to soil you find on the car windows. What's with that?

Monday sounds like a good day to tackle the laundry room. I have never painted but may give a try in there - if necessary, I can get someone to re-do it.


Anonymous said...

You go girl on the painting! I bet it will be just fine.

Christine said...

Dear Jean
I had to google your 'pack rat' reference in your hanger shortage post to make sense here in UK..Mmm,very interesting!!
I think we may share the inherited 'difficulty' (I was born 1946) of our parents' healthy valid sense of the need to re-use/save mend and not just throw away!!
You inspire me with your practical
challenge way of coping in hard times. Thinking of you as I (less efficiently) tackle tasks here, Thanking you and thinking of you, Chris UK