Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Need a Goat, Soon an Ark

We've had heavy rain all week - the grass has never been greener. My neighbor cuts our front lawns but the back yard is like a fertilized hay field.

Winter is coming, grass needs to be cut or it will be a royal mess come spring. Right now, I need sunshine or a goat.

Anyone have a goat to loan me?


Granny Annie said...

Too bad we can't buy one and share it!

jeanmac said...

I was hinting - thought you'd have a goat!

karen said...

I want a goat but my dogs would try to eat it. My brothers neighbors have goats. And his dogs chase them. The neighbor is not happy.

kenju said...

Jean, why didn't I know you have this blog???

jeanmac said...

Karen, Oh, oh, poor goats.
Judy, I don't know why:)This was our only blog til AD got worse and I thought I should document it and it was a release for me, also.