Monday, January 11, 2010

Public Eye

One always wonders how people conduct themselves when no one is observing. I am disgusted how many ladies leave the public rest rooms without washing - would they wash if I were standing at the sink?
Should we have an electronic device which triggers a message with video, "This lady did not wash after using the toilet. Please return to the sink." ???

It's funny how everyone does the speed limit when RCMP are parked nearby or driving in a lane.
I check my speed, set cruise and feel smug - but I, too, should have had tickets for being 10 or more kilometers over the limit.


Dolores said...

A good reason to never touch the bathroom door knobs as you leave...

Granny Annie said...

I watched a woman leave the other day without washing her hands but as she was walking out the door she pulled a bottle of Purel out of her purse and cleaned her hands with that. Maybe she believes that is more sanitary.