Saturday, January 9, 2010

Creepy Coyotes

Last night the coyotes were howling forever! I was too creeped out to put the back deck light on but I think one may have been on or near the deck.

Their nighttime howls are particularily scary and remind me of the dangers other animals face.

So far I have not found any evidence of a hunt but certainly in our area, would not allow an animal outdoors.


Granny Annie said...

My chickens can fall prey to coyotes during the day and my barn cats are their nightly feasts if they aren't careful. Slim barks to go out periodically and while she is doing her bit to protect, I fear they might try to attack her someday.

Dolores said...

Oh yuck, their howls are so frightening! I hope your Buddy stays inside all the time.

kenju said...

I am sure glad we don't have any of them near us - at least I don't think we do.