Friday, February 19, 2010


This little baby (8 week) pit bull was so absolutely darling. I have to admit that I recoiled in horror inside when his teenage owner told me his breed.

His coat was way more beautiful than my illustration and of course, his little tummy was bare of fur - so sweet.

The teen owner said he wanted him to give him all the love he fears other pb dogs do not receive.

Important to note that one of our sons was attacked by a pit bull at a business establishment. His knee is still numb after 12 years and the nightmares recur.

I guess I just wanted to be silly writing this post - we met the family at a tourist info centre.


Mevely317 said...

OK, thank youuuu for the 'splanation, Jean! I, too, had mixed feelings -- I'm daffy for canines, but pb's rep isn't so great. Perhaps I'd hoped you'd gone and adopted him? ... Then, what would Buddy think?

Granny Annie said...

As much as I love animals, I cannot find Pit Bulls or Rottweilers endearing. Our neighbor in Kansas called us one day and was needing help. We saw her crossing the field, limping and leaving a blood trail. We rushed to help her. Her precious Pit Bull had attacked her. She had raised this dog from a pup and when I suggested she have the dog put down, she was horrified and assured me it was her fault that the dog attacked. She had startled him or something stupid. How she ever went home and lived with that dog after that was beyond me. These dogs are bred to fight and that's all there is to it.