Thursday, February 18, 2010


His velvety blue eyes met mine again. He seemed to have trouble focusing. Never have I seen such beautiful, silvery gray hair.

I looked away, trying to concentrate on my reading.

His magnetism drew me over, "You are so absolutely beautiful." I held his face, he froze a little until I rubbed his ears, moving my hands to cuddle his body, caressing his smooth tummy. He wiggled with pleasure, toes splayed.

Grandma wailed in the back ground, "I warned him to not get involved, it's always trouble." Voices murmured in agreement, looking our way.I ignored them, he needed a cuddle.

"What is your name?"

"Deuce, for the extra toe on each white back foot. He's a pit bull puppy."


karen said...

ohhhh! So cute.

patty said...

he is adorable, you going to keep him? He would be good company

jeanmac said...

He was so sweet, Karen.
No, Patty, he belongs to the teenager who let me pet him.

kenju said...

He's cute, but I simply cannot warm up to pit bulls.