Monday, May 24, 2010

Frost Warning - - -

So, tonight at about 7:30pm I planted two urns for the front entry, came in to hear a frost warning on TV - how about that?

They are Ok as in an entry but talk about timing. I put spikes in the center and used a color combo of light yellow, white, rose and purple. Think it's the first year I haven't added heliotrope to the pots.

Weeded the garden today - not planting anything so covering the beds with fabric then mulch. The pool bed will be the only one I have to take care of once the garden is covered. It has a nice mixture of weeds and perennials:)

Happy gardening, everyone.


Dolores said...

Oh my gosh,.... I can't beleive you have storm warnings.... David went swimming in our pool.....Texas/Canada.... Oh well.
Hugs to you Jean!

Granny Annie said...

I read this post a little ways before I realized you had written "urns" and not "nuns". LOL