Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What to choose - - -

So, Sis and I had our Mothers Day brunch on Monday - food and gifts, doesn't get any better. (Thanks, Shirl)

Anyway, after finding my way to the ladies' room, I chuckled to see two doors. One was marked WOMEN and the other LADIES.

At first I thought it may be a joke and one was for the men but after (very) careful consideration, saw a third door labelled MEN.

Obviously it doesn't take much to entertain or confuse me:)


Dolores said...

Ok, I'm curious..... did you choose Ladies or Women??
So good to hear that you had a good day out with your sister!

JeanMac said...

How ironic - I can't remember!

kenju said...

Dolores asked the question that sprang to my

Granny Annie said...

I hope you chose the "Ladies" because you are one heck of a Lady!