Thursday, June 17, 2010

Boomer, how could you!


So Boomer and his Master were on the road chatting with a neighbor - a neighbor in new leather cowboy boots.

The conversation was deep.Boomer's getting bored. He glances at his master and friend, "They'll never know!" With a wicked doggie grin, Boomer cocks his leg on neighbor's pants/cowboy boot. Neighbor is unaware as long pants muffle the sound and trickle or is that tinkle?

"One dry cleaning bill coming up! No treats for you, Boomer."


Dolores said...

I'm evil...... I love this story!!!

Years ago I offered a friends dog a piece of watermelon and the dog lifted his leg a tinkled on it....

thanks for the laugh .....

Granny Annie said...

It appears that Boomer may have gone too long without proper attention.

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